Logos Created in 2018

In 2018 I created 7 logos and digitalized 1. All of these are logos I’m very proud of. The first 2 are logos I created for myself, the first one is The Escape, a “pop up” escape room I created for the Acton Business Fair, the second logo is for GeTech, my original idea for a business to participate on the event. The next 2 are for use of close friends, the first one of these is for a friend’s YouTube channel “The Shaolin Way” and the second for a friend’s business where she was selling granola. The next logo I created for a friend in Malaysia who needed it for a friend of hers for a yoga gym she was starting (unfortunately I lost the version without a watermark). Then we have a logo for my YouTube channel (or at least what I hope will one day become so). On the bottom, we have a logo for the Divinity Team, the novel I am currently working on. And finally a logo I digitalized for a Shaolin gym in zone 1 called Gimnasio J.M.Jo.


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