Logos Created in 2017

2017 had me creating a fair ammount of logos that I’m really proud of. Part of them were created for friends participating in the Acton Business Fair that year, where each had created a business that would be open December 2nd at Cayala. Another part of logos I simply created for practice, they weren’t for anyone, just for practicing my skills. Each logo has a unique story behind it, like the Unik Bags one where I was asked to get a pompom into the design, so I asked to get a picture sent of the pompom on a clear white surface. Of course, I was sent an image with terrible lighting, bad resolution, and of course, the pompom was on a dirty gray table. After spending hours on the logo, the person I made it for said they didn’t like it and never paid me for it without giving any explenations as to why. Even though I wasn’t paid for that one, it still stands as one of my proudest logos to date.V 1.jpgV 2.jpgV 3.jpgV 4.jpgV 5.jpg

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